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The Billion Dollar Miracle

In the never-ending sea of changes that continually washes over the healthcare industry, it's imperative - now more than ever - to stay ahead of the curve. The Billion Dollar Miracle will put you and your hospital way out in front, before the next wave hits the shore. Joni Reed has developed a time-tested system that revolutionizes the current volunteer landscape and provides free labor for whoever wants it. All you have to do is ask.

Inside the pages of Joni's book, you will learn new ways to save money without compromising care. You will also discover how to enhance the patient experience in order to boost survey scores. After mastering Joni's system, your hospital will be set apart from the competition, all while saving your facility millions of dollars. And the best part?

The results come with a price tag of zero!

Does that sound too good to be true? Read on and ask yourself this one simple question, "What if volunteers did that?"

About Joni


Joni is a wife, mother and pioneer of new-age volunteer management. She discovered her passion after accepting a job in a multimillion dollar state-of-the-art hospital. Everything around her was world class except one little thing: the volunteer department. As the Director of Volunteer Services, Joni saw an opportunity to reinvent the program and ask herself, with the decades of changes in healthcare, why on earth had the responsibilities of volunteers stayed the same? 

After realizing what a talented, passionate and brilliant volunteer team she had right under her nose, Joni set out to create programs that allow volunteers to lend their expertise for free while benefiting the hospital in ways no one ever thought possible. Joni's programs transformed volunteerism in her facility, causing both clinical staff and C-level executives to ask themselves the question, "Why didn't I think fo that?"

Joni holds bachelor's degrees in communication studies and public relations. With over a decade of experience in both for-profit and nonprofit businesses, she has managed volunteers in multiple capacities, even volunteering herself. This led her t find an antiquated volunteer system that demanded change in order to meet the unique needs of today's organization. Her system saves hospitals millions of dollars each year. 

When Joni isn't traveling the speaking circuit, she spends time with her husband and daughter in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. She is a foodie and red wine lover who enjoys reading, live music and yoga. Her passion is coaching volunteer managers and their incredible volunteer teams to prove to the world that volunteers can truly make a difference in ways that were once thought to be impossible. 


Speaking Engagements


Interested in having a dynamic and entertaining speaker at your next event? Look no further! Joni's presentation will have you laughing and engaged all while teaching you the volunteer secrets to saving millions!



Ready to take the next step and have an expert assess your volunteer program? Joni offers consulting for any size organization and will implement programs with your staff while supporting them every step of the way.



Don't have time to waste? Attend one of Joni's volunteer management courses and become certified in two days. Space is limited and spots fill fast! 



The Billion Dollar Miracle is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book form. If you would like an autographed copy, please e-mail Joni directly using the "Contact Us" form below.

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Stay up to date on Joni's book tours, speaking engagements and classes. If you would like to request a class or speaker in your city, please use the "Contact Us" form below. 


"We love Joni's presentation style.  It kept us all engaged from beginning to end and it was chocked full of terrific ideas to get volunteers involved. She has a depth of knowledge of this profession that is amazing and she has applied it to break open new avenues for service.  We need more experts like her to talk about what they've done and how those ideas have worked.  She's not afraid to try new things and she's willing to admit when they don't work; but most of the time she's found new ways to enhance her hospital's outcomes with creative people, ideas, and execution!  We'd love to have her back again to one of our education conferences!  Need more like her. "

 - Herb Looney, Manager of Volunteer Services at Methodist Stone Oak Hospital, San Antonio, TX. 

"Hearing Joni speak for the first time at this year’s 2019 TADVS Conference was an answer to prayer. With only 8 months as a Volunteer Services Manager I was eager to meet people who had gone before me and were passionate about volunteers. Joni was and is exactly that. She is a deep well of knowledge and wisdom when it comes to effectively managing a volunteer program and her passion for volunteers is contagious. Listening to her speak inspired me to rethink the boundaries of my volunteer program and made me realize that the potential for positive impact in my hospital and community is endless. For that I am very grateful." 

-William Shaw, Manager of Volunteer Services at CHI St. Joseph Health, Bryan, TX. 

        TADVS Keynote Speaker, 2019
TADVS Keynote Speaker, 2019

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